Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sitting by the window of a flight bound for Singapore from Hong Kong there are a million things on my mind. Maybe just a hundred, but a hundred have the ability to expand to a million relatively quickly.

How things ended up this way. One one way air ticket to Pittsburgh, one from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, one from San Francisco to Nassau and then a whole host of others eventually making there way back to Singapore.

The journey back was bumpy, with the landing in Singapore being the bumpiest of all. There was the heat, and the curious comments at the market, the painful feeling that home did not feel like home at all and the desperation to find a place to belong.

Have you found that yet? I don’t know, but jumping around Asia has been an eye opener of sorts, one that makes you appreciate home for what it is. The truth is that we could be absolutely anywhere on this Earth and God has numbered our days here and our locations. From whom much is given much is expected and I do not intend to let you down.

For the future, a way to travel the world without worrying. Why travel? Because few things bring the same amount of liberation. A sense of freedom, as seen from the ground up. Bumping around on a tuk tuk, or on a 24 hour bus ride from Salta back to Bueanos Aires. Feeling free. Arms spread wide open, heart ready to sing.

In the past, a journal set to print of the places I have been to, and the people I’ve met.

Adventures on the road from











Costa Rica

For the mishaps, I am sure glad I did it. Because though my bank account is smaller, my experiences are a tad richer.

The worst hostel this trip… maybe the one in Costa Rica where the whole room started smelling like bathroom

The worst blooper… A tie between a $2300 one way air ticket or the kid who tagged along the trip lying all the way.

And as I make my way back from Hong Kong over the pacific and watch little cotton candy puffs of cloud over a baby blue sea, I am starting to understand that luxury can be overwhelming especially when enjoyed alone and that it really is not important where you eat at, but who you are eating with.