Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling Loved.. in Maui

"I'm so sad you're leaving, I miss you already."
Parting shots in between hugs outside of Borders,
where Simone and I had been hanging out
dreaming dreams, both big and little, in the travel section
"Morocco... India.. Tahiti.. Let's go there!"
girlishly laughing while flipping through Fodders, Lonely Planet and Timeout
The travel section had never been so much fun

The only thing that makes partings like this bearable
is the knowledge that we wouldn't have met
if I hadn't similarly sad partings from other special people
in a city I would soon set foot in 2 days from now

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maui Rain

Darryl closing up the day at Kanaha - photo by Catherine

Today's downpour was a welcome change from the frantic scramble to hit the beach
It is amazing how efficient one can be when not utterly distracted by the conditions of the ocean
It's 11am and I've...
walked to 3 beaches, talked to 2 people on the phone,
painted 3 paintings and worked on a new approach to the experimental food bar
This might prove to be one of my most enjoyable days yet.
Given that the spoils of yesterday are still relatively fresh in my mind.
Paradise, rain or shine, would still be paradise,
now that I realize that paradise is much more a state of mind than anything else.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That gut feeling

We stood in the parking lot talking about boards
the sun had set a while back after ushering us back to shore with a pompous pink and blue rush of clouds
Some days there were rainbows while we, addicts of the ocean played in the waves
but today it was simply another magnificent sunset to close the day

But back to the boards, we spoke of finding just the right board to suit my frame
and stopped short after a few minutes of entertaining our imagination,
by the reality that I was going to be leaving in 7 days.
"And why are you leaving?"
"Because I need to get to Sydney."
Thoughts of intense sunburns, jelly fish and great whites made windsurfing there suddenly pale in comparison to the easy windsurfing I'd enjoyed for the past 2 months here.

The ache involved with following a calling, a gut feeling
intertwined with the desire to travel
and the pain of leaving new found spaces and friends
is something that I guess will be part of my life
until I make my way to a sun burnt country
which even as I look over with google maps,
is starting to feel strangely like home

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

serious hunger...

"She's what?!"
"Planting the tail of the board for her loops."
"No ****ing way..."

If the beauty of Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships,
then the audacity of the new girl on the beach landing her forward loops
was enough to send at least 2 grown men to try rework theirs.

Gido got 4 loops today and was so grateful for my instructional help and provocation that he decided to help rescue my board and rig which had woefully gone far far downwind to the lair of kite beach.

"I don't know why I want to do these tricks so badly." I lamented to Darryl after the long barefoot walk back from kite beach, the price paid for looking for good ramps to jump off far downwind as the wind declined towards the end of the day.

"It's because you're good, you should be learning them."
The words stunned me, I'd never really thought I was good at this.
Windsurfing was always that "evil thing" that took me away from time spent with family and friends, endless moments of angst while trying to stay off the water to honor time spent with people I cared about.
That past-time that caused my parents endless grief for skin accustomed to brown hues in a fair skin worshiping society

Maybe I was really good at this, maybe this was the time to find out
how far my skills would go if I threw guilt off to the wind,
believed in the promises of sunscreen and ate as many antioxidant blueberries as I could afford,
and allowed myself to entertain the possibility that this was a talent God had given me.
I'd be a fool to hold myself back from developing it now that I'd found it.

"You're only here for 2 more weeks, I think your friends here would understand if you couldn't meet during certain times of the day since you came here to windsurf."
Amen to that Daryl. I can't deny how ridiculously happy being on the water nailing tricks makes me.
Tours to upcountry and Haleakala would have to take a back seat for a moment.

To answer a self posed question, why do you do this thing?
Because I love it, and because I can.
and maybe most of all, because it brings God joy when his creation does what it was created to do.
loop on in joy...