Monday, September 14, 2009

never impossible just a lot harder

I think I used to value flexibility a lot,
but 1 month into Costa Rica, I'm starting to wish things were set in place...
My airline tickets to be exact.
The slow speed connections had taken their toll on me and constant calls on skype to verify that transactions that had taken place outside of USA were indeed made by me.
The internet may be global, but the computer you use, is still very much local.

If there is one thing I have learned by this point of the trip, is that though indecision does´nt make things impossible, it does have the potential to make life increasingly difficult the closer it gets to the decision date.

Welcome to grown up life, May, I can almost hear Polina saying...

Other random things I have learned on this trip...
- Don´t wait to do something tomorrow when you have internet today, it may not be working tomorrow.. for days...
- Always plan your return trip before setting off.
- Ask questions, many of them to as many people as possible, because some will be wrong, and you really do want to get on that 9 hr bus ride as early as possible.
- Being cheap often costs you fiscally, emotionally or physically or all of the above... you know that sagging foam mattress will have you aching the next day.
- Always look at the bright side of things, even when everything is going hideously awry... because anyway you look at it, I'd rather be here sitting in Costa Rica in conumdrum over how to get to Peru after a day of weeding the farm, than back at my cubible, any day of the week.